When joining the Rental Program at Himmapana Villas you are guaranteed a minimum of 5% return on your investment per year for 5 years. But we think the villas have the potential to get an even greater return than the 5%. Therefore the return on investment increases the better the villa is performing – We think it s only fair your return reflects the income of the villa. Depending on your villa earnings you will earn 5-8 % return on your investment. It is our job to ensure you get the highest possible return.


Our great management team will be permanently on site making sure the villas are well kept and taken care of. Our cleaners, gardeners, maintenance team, drivers, reception staff and guards all contribute to creating a unique luxury experience for anyone entering the Himmapana Villas. Behind the scene our marketing and booking teams work hard to ensure the highest possible occupancy rate for the villas and thereby the highest possible return for you.

Included in the Rental Program are also free use of water and electricity, free villa management and free repairs. We literally take care of everything and provide you with the profit made from your villa.


As an investor in HIMMAPANA VILLAS you get to use your luxury villa every year. Whether you want to stay yourself or allocate the usage to family or friends is entirely up to you. As part of the Rental Program you can stay 7, 14 or 30 days per year depending on the time of year you choose to stay. The following three periods state the length of usages per year:

  • May – August: 30 days
  • March – April & September – October: 14 days
  • November – February: 7 days

In the event you want to stay for a longer period of time this is of course possible. Depending on your additional stay this will affect your return on investment slightly.

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